Potjanat(Bow) was born in Thailand in 1986. She was an engineer with management degree who in love with sewing. From the deep-loved hobby turned to be business by starting to learn more function – pattern, sewing and design. Then she became PotjanatBoutique founder in 2014.

As a dream catcher, she applied the fashion design course at Chanapatana International Design Institute and graduated in 2018. With the know-how of making pattern and sewing together with engineer logic, She created her own pattern for ASIA women. And also, the knowledge of fashion design from CIDI strengthen herself and brand to become known.

PotjanatBoutique is known for it's fabulous pattern and cutting with the classy, timeless design, minimalist, simple but elegant.
Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication
- Leonardo da Vinci -
Fashions Fade, Style is Eternal
- Yves Saint Laurent -